List of Qualified Riders

(1) Riders who finished in the top 20% of their Age Group at the previous year’s GFNY World Championship, in the top 20% of a Regional Championship or the top 10% of any GFNY World event of the following season and are signed up by October 4th.

Log into your GFNY personal account to see if you are a qualified rider.  You will see the letter Q by your profile picture which means you are qualified for a front corral position

(2) Riders who are not qualified but have a UCI Pro license, USAC license (or international equivalent) and are actively racing Men Cat 1-3 (Masters 1) and Women Cat 1 and are signed up by February 7th. Please send a photocopy of your actual license as well as race results from this or last year to [email protected] no later than February 7th

GFNY Monterrey reserves the right to limit the front corral to direct qualifiers under (1) above if there are space constraints