This Will Be Epic


The GFNY Monterrey course is filled with fascinating views and challenging roads

There are two distances to choose from, either the Long Distance 160 kilometers or the short distance 100 kilometers. No matter which course you choose we promise you will be mesmerized by the beautiful beaches and ocean views plus the support of all the locals who will be out in big numbers to cheer you to the finish line.

Short Distance: 100km

The Short distance route is just as challenging as the long distance but with less climbing and a distance of only 100km. The Short distance will start together with the long distance riders with a spectacular starting ceremony where all riders will leave together and travel through Monterrey city in the direction of the mountains. Expect this ride to be just as challenging as the long distance but a perfect distance to choose if you’re a new cyclist or don’t want to race such a long distance.

Long Distance: 160km

The long distance route totals 160km and starts in the center of Monterrey at Parque Fundidora. After an exciting starting ceremony we travel north through the city towards the Chipinque national park where we will begin a 7km climb to the top of Chipinque. Some of the best views of the Monterrey skyline are from the top of Chipinque and include some European style switchbacks to the top. Expect the real race to begin at the bottom of the Chipinque climb where the attacks will begin and the King of the Mountain competition to start as well.

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